Mission and Outreach

A light for every birth!

A light for every birth is PWRDF’s newest project. For most parents-to-be, having light and electricity during their child’s birth is not a second thought, but for many in rural Mozambique giving birth in the dark is a reality. PWRDF is building on its previous work done in 2016 by installing 50 more solar suitcases in rural medical clinics. A solar suitcase is a wall-mounted unit that opens like a suitcase and includes phone charging ports, a portable headlamp and a fetal Doppler to monitor baby’s heartbeat that is connected to a roof mounted solar panel. Having light before, during and after the birth can greatly reduce the danger to new moms and their babies and allow medical staff to quickly identify and treat any labour problems.

1:1 matching fund

An anonymous donor has announced a 1:1 matching fund for donations to the Light for Every Birth project installing 50 solar suitcases in rural health clinics in Mozambique. Donations will be matched up to $100,000, until September 30, 2021.

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Let’s help PWRDF provide a light for every birth. Give light, Give solar!