Around the Cross

AROUND THE CROSS 2022-03-31.pdf

AROUND THE CROSS 2022-03-01.pdf

AROUND THE CROSS 2022-01-20.pdf

AROUND THE CROSS 2022-01-06.pdf

AROUND THE CROSS 2021-11-30.pdf

AROUND THE CROSS 2021-11-09.pdf

AROUND THE CROSS 2021-10-21.pdf

AROUND THE CROSS 2021-10-06.pdf

AROUND THE CROSS 2021 -09-22.pdf

AROUND THE CROSS 2021-09-08.pdf

AROUND THE CROSS 2021-08-16.pdf

AROUND THE CROSS 2021-08-12.pdf

AROUND THE CROSS 2021-07-28.pdf

AROUND THE CROSS 2021-07-20.pdf

AROUND THE CROSS 2021-06-29.pdf

AROUND THE CROSS 2021-06-23.pdf

AROUND THE CROSS 2021-06-16.pdf

AROUND THE CROSS 2021-06-09.pdf

AROUND THE CROSS 2021-06-03.pdf

AROUND THE CROSS 2021-05-26.pdf

AROUND THE CROSS 2021-05-19.pdf

AROUND THE CROSS 2021-05-11.pdf

AROUND THE CROSS 2021-05-04.pdf

AROUND THE CROSS 2021-04-28.pdf

AROUND THE CROSS 2021-04-20.pdf

AROUND THE CROSS 2021-04-13.pdf

AROUND THE CROSS 2021-03-30.pdf

AROUND THE CROSS 2021-03-24.pdf

AROUND THE CROSS 2021-03-18.pdf

AROUND THE CROSS 2021-03-08.pdf

AROUND THE CROSS 2021-03-03.pdf
AROUND THE CROSS 2021-02-25.pdf

Greenwise Gazette

Greenwise Gazette 2024-01-31.pdf

Greenwise Gazette 2023-11-30.pdf

Greenwise Gazette 2023-10-31.pdf

Greenwise Gazette 2023-09-30.pdf

Greenwise Gazette 2023-08-31.pdf

Greenwise Gazette 2023-07-28.pdf

Greenwise Gazette 2023-06-29.pdf

Greenwise Gazette 2023-05-31.pdf

Greenwise Gazette 2023-04-28.pdf

Greenwise Gazette 2023-03-29.pdf

Greenwise Gazette 2023-02-28.pdf

Greenwise Gazette 2023-01-30-2.pdf

Greenwise Gazette 2022-11-30.pdf

Greenwise Gazette 2022-10-31.pdf

Greenwise Gazette 2022-09-28.pdf

Greenwise Gazette 2022-07-28.pdf

Greenwise Gazette 2022-06-30.pdf

Greenwise Gazette 2022-05-27.pdf

Greenwise Gazette 2022-04-28.pdf

Greenwise Gazette 2022-03-28.pdf

Greenwise Gazette 2022-02-28.pdf

Greenwise Gazette 2022-01-28.pdf

Greenwise Gazette 2021-11-29.pdf


Stewards of God's Grace March 2022.pdf

Stewards of God's Grace February 2022.pdf

Stewards of God's Grace January 2022.pdf

Stewards of God's Grace December 2021.pdf

Stewards of God's Grace November 2021_.pdf

Stewards of God's Grace October 2021 .pdf

Stewards of God's Grace September 2021 .pdf

Stewards of God's Grace August 2021 .pdf

Stewards of God's Grace July 2021.pdf

Stewards of God's Grace June 2021.pdf

Immanuel Roundup

Roundup is a monthly summary of what has happened in the past month at Immanuel, and what's coming up.  This newsletter is primarily aimed at those parishioners without email, and will be mailed to them via Canada Post.

Immanuel Roundup February 2024

Immanuel Roundup December 2023 

Immanuel Roundup November 2023

Immanuel Roundup October 2023

Immanuel Roundup September 2023

Immanuel Roundup August 2023

Immanuel Roundup July 2023.pdf

Immanuel Roundup June 2023

Immanuel Roundup May 2023.pdf

Immanuel Roundup April 2023.pdf

Immanuel Roundup March 2023.pdf

Immanuel Roundup February 2023.pdf

Immanuel Roundup December 2022.pdf

Immanuel Roundup Nov 2022.pdf

Immanuel Roundup Oct 2022.pdf

Immanuel Roundup September 2022.pdf

Immanuel Roundup August 2022.pdf

Immanuel Roundup July 2022.pdf

Immanuel Roundup June 2022.pdf

Immanuel Roundup May 2022.pdf

Immanuel Roundup April 2022.pdf

Immanuel Roundup March 2022.pdf

Immanuel Roundup February 2022.pdf

Immanuel Roundup December 2021.pdf

Immanuel Roundup November 2021.pdf

Immanuel Roundup October 2021.pdf
Immanuel Roundup September 2021.pdf

Vestry Key Messages

2023-11-29 Key Messages

2023-10-26 Key Messages 

2023-09-28 Key Messages

2023-06-28 Key messages

2023-05-24 Key Messages.pdf

2023-04-26 Vestry Key Messages.pdf

Worship Roles and Responsibilities.pdf

2023-01-18 F Vestry Key Messages.pdf

2022-12-14 Vestry Key Messages F.pdf

2022-10-26 Vestry Key Messages.pdf

2022-09-21 Vestry Key Messages.pdf

2022-08-24 Vestry Key Messages.pdf

2022-07-20 Vestry Key messages.pdf

2022-06-08 Vestry Key Messages.pdf

2022-05-25 Vestry Key Messages.pdf

2022-05-11 Vestry Key Messages.pdf

2022-04-27 Vestry Key Messages.pdf