Vacation Bible School 2023

02 Sep 2023


Heroes Assemble! This was the call every morning as 45 children aged 5 – 11 gathered at Immanuel Church in Regina for a full-day day Vacation Bible School the week of August 21st to 25th.  The Professor (played by Holly Hirschfield and Emily Barber, both of Our Savior’s Lutheran) talked to the children about the Hero Hotline Headquarters, and all the calls they were getting from other heroes needing help to solve problems.  Super Meer, the puppet (with puppeteer Toby Walker) always showed up and helped to solidify the message.


Our Hero theme (curriculum purchased from Cokesbury) was based on Romans 14:19 “So let’s strive for the things that bring peace and the things that build each other up.”  We learned that everyone’s gifts are valued, and each of us has a role to play in bringing peace, love, and justice to the world.

The children were split into 4 groups, and with a leader, rotated through 4 stations - Crafts, Storytime, Science and Games.  Crafts led by Maegen Plumb included a mask and cape (essentials for all superheroes!), medals, a star magnet, a playdoh hero, a photo frame, cross string art, and keychains.  Each participant had a workbook with stickers to help make the stories more memorable.  The science experiments led by Mark Haugen of Our Savior’s were amazing and included magnet attraction, buoyancy, bubbling up reactions, super straws, and the leak-proof bag,   Games led by Anita Laryea were always fun and even though we had two rainy days, we made the best of it with some indoor activities such as Pictionary and a scavenger hunt.