Results of Immanuel's First Annual General Meeting

08 Apr 2021


There were about 100  Immanuel parishioners logged onto Zoom on March 14 to attend the first Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the new Immanuel Anglican Church, Regina.

The Right Reverend Rob Hardwick and The Venerable Cheryl Toth were guests, with each providing remarks at the meeting. 

Bishop Rob Hardwick, The Rev. Michael Bruce, The Rev. Alexander Campbell, and The Rev. Nancy Yee offered prayer and reflection at various times throughout the meeting. 

Many parts of the AGM were similar to other AGMs in terms of providing reports from 2020 and looking at what will be ahead for Immanuel in 2021.

The difference was reporting on what the five congregations of All Saints, St. James the Apostle, St. Luke, St. Matthew, and St. Philip had accomplished since February 2020: that was when the recommendations were presented to Bishop Rob Hardwick to come together as one parish with a new name and common vision. January 2021 was the targeted implementation date whereby all five parishes would worship together at one location, with the possibility of satellite locations.

In his opening remarks Bishop Rob Hardwick acknowledged the huge amount of work done by members from all five parishes and those on the many committees and groups. These included the Renewal Team, the eight working groups and many subgroups, the Ministerial Team, and Parish Council. It was noted that the task in itself was a big one, and to accomplish everything that was done in a COVID-19 environment - was in itself remarkable! He said that God’s presence has truly been with us in this work.

Key presentations and/or discussion items at the meeting included:

A summary from The Venerable Cheryl Toth on the journey of the five parishes through 2020 leading to where we are today as one congregation, one parish (Immanuel); 

Reports on key areas of work throughout 2020 of the various committees and working groups from the Parish Council Co-Chairs and Project Manager;

Confirmation that at each of the five congregational AGMs in January and February 2021 the same motion to disestablish their respective congregation was presented and passed;

The 2020 financial report;

A proposed plan for a series of  “Remembering Sundays” whereby each of the five congregations would be recognized;

A report on the status of the Immanuel buildings and properties;

Approval of the following Motion: The congregation of Immanuel requests The Right Reverend Rob Hardwick, with consent of Diocesan Council, to approve sale of the properties at 1105 Empress Street, 2161 Winnipeg Street, 2165 Winnipeg Street, and 3233 Argyle Road as of March 15, 2021.  

An overview of Immanuel’s Vision and Mission, that included a Mission Action Plan and Growth Strategy; 

A synopsis of the Areas of Focus for each of the Ministerial Team members (The link below will open the Visual) 

Ministerial Areas of Focus 2021 Final.pdf

A proposed Vestry structure for moving forward;

Presentation of the 2021 Immanuel budget;

Vestry appointing an auditor or financial statement reviewer as required by Canons;

And last, but not least, election of Wardens, Synod Delegates, Parish Search Committee members and Vestry, as follows:

Wardens: Mae Boa, Richard Simpson

Vestry Members: Vestry includes the elected Wardens, elected Synod Delegates, elected members, and the Ministerial Team as follows:

Wardens:               Mae Boa, Richard Simpson

Synod Delegates:   Diane Gingras, Pat Hall, Kurtis Krug, Richard Simpson, 

                                Nadine Smith

Elected Members: Rod Ashley, Don Byrnes, Dave Hall, Mack Howat, Terry Page, 

                                Bette-Lou Paragg

Ministerial Team: Rev. Alexander Campbell, Fr. Michael Bruce, Rev. Winna Martin, 

                                Rev. Canon Susan Page, Rev. Nancy Yee

Parish Search Committee Members: Laura French, Jenny Williams

A sincere thanks to the Nominating Committee and to everyone who let their name stand for a position. 

The Rev. Nancy Yee closed the meeting with prayer.

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