Our Team

Interim Ministry

Immanuel Anglican Church began six months of Interim Ministry on September 1, 2022, taking the parish through a time of re-uniting after a long time of isolation with COVID, and rebuilding relationships. We are using the image of a tree, identifying our roots from the strength of five legacy parishes as well as parishes of new members, creating a strong foundation.  We are strengthening the core of our trunk by spending time in smaller groups hearing the faith stories of fellow members and knowing people at a deeper level. How did God get me to Regina - Immanuel Parish? We will gather to do gift discernment and find out what ministries bring joy to individuals that will also give us the strengths of Immanuel as a congregation and build up the trunk. We will then work on where God may be calling us in areas of ministry in Immanuel, in our community, and in the world. These are our branches. In January and February, the Transition Team will be working with the Search committee in completing the Parish Profile. In February the Search Committee, with our Bishop, will have developed the qualities Immanuel is looking for in their parish priest so they can begin the search on March 1st, 2023. We continue to pray through this process that God will bless the members of Immanuel as we become stronger together and grow in faith, and we begin the search for our new priest.

The Reverend Diane Guilford

Diane was ordained a priest in 2003 and has served in the Diocese of Rupert’s Land in two different churches in Winnipeg and more recently in Morden, MB.  Diane has a Master of Arts in Theology and Conflict Resolution from University of Winnipeg, Bachelor of Theology from The College of Emmanuel & St. Chad in Saskatoon, and a Certificate in Conflict Resolution from Mediation Services Winnipeg.  Early in her vocation she obtained a Secretarial Diploma and a Certificate in Volunteer Management which has served her well throughout her vocation.

Diane has been part of the Anglican Fellowship of Prayer from a young age and believes this is the foundation of our faith.  It has sustained her as she has been active in children and youth ministry, an advocate of promoting awareness of our shared Indigenous history, and served on national committees, the last one on social justice including environmental concerns.  Since the mid-nineties she has been part of a diocesan committee in the development of lay ministry and equipping of team ministry with locally raised up lay and ordained members

Diane enjoys reading, walking, swimming and her move to Regina included golf clubs, x-country and down-hill skis. Meditation and prayer are an essential way for her to breathe in the Holy Spirit and try and let God guide her in her everyday life. 


The Reverend Canon Susan Page

Susan was formerly the deacon at St. Luke’s Anglican Church and now assumes the same role at Immanuel Anglican Church in Regina.   She was ordained on St. Andrew’s Day, November 30th, 2007.

Susan is recently retired as a faculty member of the School of Nursing at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.  She had been a Registered Nurse for 47 years before her retirement, and had taught student nurses since 1989.  She still does some tutoring for students in the School of Nursing.

Susan’s interests include being on the teaching team for the Pastoral Care Course for the Diocese of Qu’Appelle, and chairing the Pastoral Care Committee for Immanuel Anglican Parish.  In addition, she has special interests in ecumenism and environmental stewardship.

Susan serves as clergy representative on several committees within Immanuel.  In addition, she is a member of the Committee on Ordained Ministry for the Diocese of Qu’Appelle and Past President of Anglican Deacons Canada.