Refugee Support

There are 2 ways in which Immanuel supports Refugees. 

  1. Family Co-Sponsor: This is where we raise the money required for the family and help get them settled. 
  2. Family-Linked Sponsorship:  In this situation, we are approached by an individual or family to facilitate the sponsorship of their relatives.  The individual or family provide the sponsorship funds (enough to provide 12 months of financial aid) to the Diocese up front when the agreement is signed. Our role is to assist with the paperwork required, making sure that all applications and supporting documentation get where it needs to when it needs to get there. In this case, Immanuel becomes the Constituent Group, and the Diocese is the Sponsorship Agreement Holder.  In 2021, Immanuel submitted 27 applications to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) which included 80 people who had Family Co-Sponsors outside of Immanuel.

2022 Family Co-Sponsorship Project

The Al-Khatib family, including a husband, wife, and 2-year-old daughter, are currently in Lebanon, and are seeking refugee status in Canada.  The husband is from Syria but cannot return there in fear of religious persecution.  The Lebanese government has made it difficult for Syrian people to find work, and the family is looking forward to better opportunities in Canada.

In order to sponsor this family, we need to raise at least $25,000.00 which includes one-time costs as well as living expenses for one year.  Over $20,000.00 has already been raised, so we are more than halfway there.

Mom's Pantry Fundraiser

Until November 20th you can order from Mom's Pantry and benefit our Refugee family.  Read all about it at this LINK  

Here is the order form that you can print off, fill out, and return to the committee if you choose not to order online.  Moms Pantry Order form.pdf

The Refugee Sponsorship Fundraising Committee 

Marleen Mousa, Safaa Mousa, Susan Page, Melissa Parr, Russ Parr, Angie Provencher & Gwen Rupchan 

The Al-Khatib family